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BLOSSOM TIME 5 Sep to 15 Oct - Spring is officially here and the cherry blossom is looking beautiful. Blossom flowers are the cherry trees way of reproducing, and at this time of year it is quite literally a case of the “birds and the bees” for the cherries. To produce a cherry, each flower must receive pollen from another flower. This is why bees are the cherry's best friend at this time of year! Many cherry varieties require a specific pollen from a different variety in order to set fruit, this is called self-incompatibility and is how the wild varieties of cherry retained genetic diversity.

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Closed for this season.
Next Season starts 9th November

CherryHill is an Australian family
owned company established
by George Riseborough in 1940.

3 generations later and Cherryhill is now one of the largest fresh cherry producers
in Australia and our passion for growing the world's best cherries is stronger than ever.